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The Katie Arnall Freeman Media Center: Library Policies

Pre-K through 12th grade media center for The Heritage School

Book Check-out

Grade Number of books
Lower School 1 until December for grades 1-2; 2 until December for grades 3-4
Middle School No set limit
Upper School No set limit

Length of check-out: There is no set period, but we ask that students renew their books weekly at library class. If another student(s) are waiting for the book, the check-out period is 1 week. 

Late notices: On or about the 30th of every month, a print-out of the books that a student currently has checked-out to their name will be included in the Tuesday folder. This is a reminder to renew or return the book.

Limit: Students in Pre-K and K may only take one book at a time and check-out must occur during their fixed library time. The number of books allowed for students in grades is negotiable on an individual basis after December. 


Challenging Materials in the Library


If you are looking to donate books, please email Ms. Rivka. While the library might not be able to add them to its collection, we are happy to help find a good home for any books in good condition.

Media Center Curriculum

Standards for Research and Technology