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Synthesis-Outcasts United: Home

For Ms. Brooke's AP Lang class

Topic choices

​In pairs, you will develop an AP style question that follows the same format as Q1 on a topic that meets teacher approval.

Clearly identify the topic and write an understandable and accessible claim for a student writer. The claim must be argumentative in nature. The prompt must include all four parts: directions, introduction, assignment, and a list of sources.


Grading Rubric

Sources (10 points) Citation/Grammar (10 points) Question (10 points)

Interesting & unique for the assignment

Presents a variety of perspectives

Accessible, yet challenging

Evidence is compelling, surprising, and relevant

Variety in the types of sources

Credibility is appropriate

Includes 6 sources, with required variety

Source citations in MLA format

Includes relevant and effective introductory information when necessary

Correct usage of rules of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and paragraphing

Entire packet exhibits consistent and appropriate formatting

The introduction is effective and interesting

The assignment is easy to understand and accessible for a student writer

The assignment is argumentative in nature and allows for multiple positions

The cover page contains all four parts – Introduction, Assignment, Directions, Listing of Sources (and sources are named accurately)



In order to get a successful search going, you are going to want to make a list of related words after you narrow down your topic to a Q1. If you are compiling supporting evidence about Outcasts United, you want to make sure that the words that you use in your question contain the best words to search with. Say, for example, your question is about the transformation of Clarkston, you will want to think of the wording of that question as a guide. What words can the reader take from it and search with? Clarkston, transformation. The more keywords you can give, the more success your reader will have in their research. Word choice matters.

Wikipedia isn't a reliable source, but it can be a good place to get hints on keywords to use. If your initial search isn't turning up, make sure to try synonyms before giving up.

Passwords for Databases


Search tips

■SELECT research questions and search tools.
■EXTRACT keywords and terms.  
■APPLY search strategies. (Example: using quote marks and boolean terms)
■RUN your search.
■CHART your search.
Source:  “Strategic Searching (6-8) | Common Sense Media.” Strategic Searching (6-8) | Common Sense Media, Common Sense Media,

Required Sources

1 excerpt from Outcasts United

2 contemporary sources (1 local and 1 global)

1 historical source

1 visual source (graph, map, etc)

1 visual source (cartoon, photo, advertisement, artwork, etc)

6 sources total

Dos and Do Not

Do not present only one side of an argument

Do look for suitable and intelligent sources

Do not overreach your bounds

Do work together equally

Citing Your Sources

Your citations must be in MLA format.

Remember to use the tools that these sites both give you- save the sources so that the programs can format and alphabetize it for you. Make sure that you look over any autofilled-in information.